Quilcene Fair

On a dark and stormy night.... okay so maybe it was day time, but the winds were strong and the sky was cloudy for part of the Quilcene Fair this year of 2011. The Parade kicked off at 11 a.m. with crowds seeming not quit their usual size but the parade itself had more floats and participants then I ever remember before, huddled in our coats the people of Quilcene cheered as the parade passed by and smiled at the happy faces of children who were handed candy.

The Fair, from what I have heard, had a better turn out this year then it has in a long time. With vendors selling everything from hand dipped ice cream bars to bug holders. (for those little someones that everybody knows at least one of) And to top it all off... the carnival. Having a larger selection of rides and a new location this year really helped draw in the crowds I think, along with the rides were also a few games, such as Dart Balloons, Basketball, and lets not even get started on the Coin Game.

Along with everything else we also had The Car Show, The Antler Show, and lots of people eating ice cream.... which I would elaborate more one except I didn't go to either of these shows and my imagination just isn't good enough to make up something! but I did eat ice cream and it was very good!

Hope you all enjoyed the Quilcene Fair as much as I did this year, and for those of you who weren't able to make it, well, there is always next year!

~Stephanie Weir